Today has been an utter crapshoot with writing, so I figured I would do something productive.

A post about Random Thoughts (yay!)

I’ve been thinking about what my agent’s going to say when she reads the final draft of this book.  Since it’s new, and she’s only seen a couple paragraph summary so far, I figure I’ve got a 50/50 shot.  Mostly because it’s annoying me a little bit right now, and this is (kinda?) fun distraction.

Of course, in that vein, I probably shouldn’t talk so much about what I’m doing on Twitter, because I will inevitably say something like:

“I’m the Michael Bay of YA.  I swear when I get bored I have to have car accidents, crashes, or people thrown from cars.”

Because then she will send me back something like:

Scott, I read your Twitter.  7 car related events?  The main character gets hit by a car while he’s still recovering from being HIT BY A CAR.  Srsly.

And then I come up with thoughts like:

Wow, I wonder what would happen if I send my new book to Yon Agent….and she sends me this back:

Thank you for your query.  I’m afraid, however….etc etc etc

(And an interesting note.  You want to know what comes up when you do a google search for “Colleen Lindsay form rejection”?  An interview with yours truly.  Yeah, that’s not a sign or something).

So yeah.  That’s been my day.  Living the dream.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Random

    • I don’t know what it is about this book, but everything’s been equated to car accidents.

      I haven’t actually used all of them, but it’s been the gut reaction. So now I’m laughing every time it comes up. 🙂

  1. Dear Scott –

    Thank you for submitting your Live Journal to me. However, I’m afraid that I don’t represent bat-shit crazy Michael Bey clones. =) Lose the car crap.



    PS: Don’t make me pull this car over and come back there!!!

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