Ahh, Trouble

So I’m not the most consistent blogger.  We all know this.  But yay, shiny new home!  I’ve had a few problems with LJ and it just got to the point where it was more of a headache to keep trying to write and rewrite the same blog several times (because it would vanish) than it was to find a new home.

Work on the new book is going well.  I’m in the midst of rewriting now, polishing things up and making them all fit together.  In some ways, I love editting more than I love the actual writing, but not this time around.  Mostly because I didn’t figure out a few key details until near the end, and so I wound up needing some heavy edits.

Still haven’t found a real job.  Still looking.  But trying to utilize my time wisely and keep writing and motivated.  Its weird to be me right now.  Everything always feels like its in flux.  And I’m not used to having that rigid, set routine.

So yeah, that’s about all I’ve got to say.  Nothing really interesting is going on with me lately.


One thought on “Ahh, Trouble

  1. Happy shiny new site day! You know now that it’s here, we’re going to be expecting exciting car-crash-tastic updates. (except, I don’t want YOU to actually get in a car crash… ugh, did I just jinx you? Un-jinx, un-jinx!)

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