The Darkside of Twitter

This would have been a tweet except I couldn’t condense down to 140 characters.

For context, about an hour ago I got a DM on Twitter from someone who had apparently subscribed to me awhile ago.  And since I hadn’t returned sub for sub, they were letting me know that they were unsubscribing me, since it was clear I wasn’t interested in networking.

This person’s never @replied me, never mentioned me on a comment, nothing.  Aside from obsessively checking my Subscribers list, I’d have no idea who they are.  So I checked their page.  And it was one of those crazy subscribers situations.  You know, where the person is following 90,000 people or something?

So why, exactly, is this person offended that I didn’t subscribe them back?  Not a clue.  Its one of those times where you want to sit someone down and be like “sweetie?  its the internet.”  Its not really real.  I just don’t get the logic.  Why would I be required to subscribe to you if you subbed me first?  I already follow a little over 100 people, and think that’s pretty good.  Sometimes I add or delete people based on what’s going on.  If someone starts dominanting my screen with rapid fire tweets, for example, I unsub them till things calm down.  Or if I realize I haven’t read anything I’ve wanted to comment on in awhile.

I use Twitter because I like the day to day running conversations I can have with people.  The peeks into their lives.  I don’t look at it like a serious marketing tool.  Because frankly, if I’m following you because I’m a fan of your books or your movies or whatever, its not going to make me any more or less likely to purchase whatever you’re selling (or whatever’s next for you).  I follow the people I find interesting, or who caught my attention by something they said.  Yes, its a networking tool, but at the same time I’m not required to follow anyone I don’t want to.  And just because you pushed a little button doesn’t mean I have to do the same.  I network with the people I find interesting, or the people who make me laugh.  Because frankly those are the people I’d want to hang out with in the future, not the people who felt they were owed my attention.

Fact is, I’m pretty much a nobody right now.  No book deal, no books in print.  It’s a work in progress.  So why would my subscription matter anyway, except for numbers.  And I guess I don’t get what the big deal is with having a huge number of subscribers. I’m happy with my almost 200.  Mostly because with the spammers that always add me, I get to hit nearly 200 on a daily basis, and I think that’s super fun.  I just don’t get why people would take it so seriously.


4 thoughts on “The Darkside of Twitter

  1. Internet expectations can be strange things. What I find most remarkable about this story is that you and this other person basically had no prior contact. Huh. ALSO, I am surprised you haven’t unfollowed me yet a the rate I tweet, hee. Wait. Now I have to go check… !

    • To be fair, they could very well have said something to me in the past. I just don’t remember seeing it. That was something I thought about after posting.

      I just have trouble understanding where the anger at me came from, I guess.

      And crap, I guess I better resubscribe to you pretty darn quick.

  2. “sweetie? its the internet.”

    WHAT??? *looks around fearfully* What are you trying to TELL me…its…not…real?

    • I’m not sure. I *think* I’m real. But do YOU think I’m real?

      Or maybe I’m just confused, and not really real. And you’ve been talking to a ghost for months!

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