On Roadblocks

I feel like I’ve talked about this before, but I didn’t see anything in my brief glance backwards.

I don’t like the term “writer’s block.”  For me, it conjures up this idea of a vast writing wasteland where the words have shriveled up and died.  And I don’t think that’s ever really accurate.  At least its not for me.  If I can’t work on Project A at the moment, then I’ve usually got something I could start working on for Project B.  Whether or not I DO start working on it depends on my mood.

While in the midst of THFD revision, I had three sections I knew needed serious amounts of work.  Either it was a transition that needed fixed, or a section that needs rewriting because of something later.  I got through the first one, blasted through the first third of the book, and then hit the second roadblock.  Its a transitional issue, where I need to add a bunch to cover changes that have occurred over the course of a few weeks in the book.  Part of the problem is that with the two viewpoints in the story each chapter is a tradeoff.  Evens go to Sage, and odds go to Nate.  So its also a balance and pacing issue.

I was literally starting to hate the book, and the characters, and I wasn’t making the kind of progress I wanted.  Then I decided to take a break and flesh out the new sparkly that caught my eye.  The idea being if I can figure out a general outline and brief character sketch for the main cast, then by the time I get back to THFD maybe I’ll have enough distance to get through my problem areas.

So I guess for me its not “writer’s block” so much as “road blocks” and all I need to do is wait until someone comes along and clears out the road.  And thinking about it that way makes me feel not quite so sucky. 😉


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