Brain Paralysis and Fun-derstorms

I keep meaning to post at least a little something in here as an update.  And I always end up going to bed thinking “oh yeah, tomorrow I should put up a blog.”

And then weeks go by.  But right now I’m waiting for the rain to stop and for the sky to clear up a little so I can go back outside and get things started.  My sister’s open house is tomorrow, and I’m spending the day at my parent’s house (and on the neighbor’s wireless at the moment) helping get things set up.  So until things clear up I get to procrastinate.  Fun!

Continuing to revise THFD which is now SG which will probably be something else at a later point.  Note to self: don’t get overconfident about writing a book in six weeks if it takes you another twelve to revise it into something saleable (in theory of course).   I’m starting to make a little headway again – the first ten chapters or so are pretty decent, its just a transition I’m having trouble with in the middle that’s got me all caught up.  And while I may not have an ending YET I at least have a good idea about what that ending’s going to have to entail.

Its been annoying because I just couldn’t get a grasp on what I was trying to fix.  So I figured, take a step back and free write about what you’re going for with the book.  Simple enough.  Until I sat down freewriting, choked, and then ended up in some sort of brain paralysis where I couldn’t even wrap my head around the book.

In other news, I’m still looking for a new job.  I’ve got another couple of months to find something.  Which is another stressor in my life.  Fun.


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