Summer of Transition

I need some sort of genius plan for this blog.  Like a schedule, or a road map, or any sort of inspiration that’s going to remind me to post more frequently.

Right now I’m still in the middle of Summer of My Forgotten Novel.  I was going to talk about my German Soldier, but apparently someone already wrote that book.  In any event, I’m still working on the rewrite to new book, which I’m calling SG.  I feel like I’ve still got one more title change in me, one that won’t make sense until I’m nearing the end of the rewrite.

I ended up in a roadblock when I couldn’t get past a certain part of the story, and rather than dwell on my irritation I decided to start fleshing out a new idea I had.  New Idea is still in the general sketching stages, and I’m not working on it until SG is done and sent off to Yon Agent.  Revisions are going well.  I feel like the first draft was at 15% awesome.  And by the end of this draft, it’s going to be closer to 75-80% awesome.  (Oh yeah, and people have seen my first draft awfulness and it makes me want to die).

This summer has been a new one for the record books.  I’ve been looking for work, working on book, and generally trying to pick myself up and dust myself off.  Friend Tiffany declared this her ~Summer of Fearlessness~.  And I think that’s so cute.  For me, I think of it as my summer of transition.  I feel like by the time summer’s over, things are going to be heading in a much different direction.  And I’m looking forward to it.


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