With the Quickness

I should have written this update hours and hours ago. But today has been pretty much Fail on all fronts. I was hoping to finish up with chapter 5 and get some headway on chapter 6 (which doesn’t need much with the rewriting, happily). But I wasn’t even human/awake until almost nighttime, and then Leah came to visit and I got totally distracted afterwards.

Plus, I finished this book that I’ve been looking forward to reading (mostly because I was dreading it). And it was everything I knew it would be but hoped it wouldn’t. But I learned all sorts of things that I don’t EVER want to do in a book, which is great.

But pretty happy with what has already been done with the current chapter, which introduces the other big part of Sage’s backstory.

Writing Tip of the Day: If you’re like me and jump head-first into revisions (especially major ones) without a plan of attack, consider opening a separate writing file just so you can make notes about big things you need to keep in mind later on.

Or, if you use Word, you can use the Insert Comment feature. Hilight the word, sentence, or paragraph, and then go to Insert at the top, then Comment. It’ll open a box, you type your comment, and then it’ll hilight that text so you can find it easier later.


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