Character Names

I hate naming characters.  Naming characters is one of those pointless things to me: like showing emotions, or paying attention when other people talk.

Just kidding.

But let me explain why I hate naming characters.  Last night, I was tinkering with a scene.  And out of nowhere, a little voice in my head is like “I don’t want to be Logan. I want to be Luca.”  Now Character X (as Loganuca became immediately known) isn’t in the scene I’m writing.  In fact, he doesn’t show up for another five or six chapters.  But I can’t tell him that.  Because if I do its “talking to myself” and then its back to the hospital for me.  So annoying.

In any event, I started where anyone logically would. I polled Twitter.  And Twitter disagreed with Character X and decreed that he should be Logan.  I compromised by intimating that Logan can refer to himself as Luca in his head all he wants.

Then he asked for a last name.  And a pony.

But seriously I hate naming characters.  I have a file full of backups every time I’m working on a book.  Some characters just have a name before they even appear – Riley was like this in WITCH EYES.  Braden too.  Trey’s name changed a few times, and so did a few minor characters.

When I started SG, I had an alphabet theme.  Entirely by accident, the majority of characters that showed up were progressively A, B, C, D, etc.  Except I think I was missing a B and a D.  I obviously ended up changing a few.  But I hate having to do it.  Its annoying, especially if I’m doing it late in the game.  Because what if I miss one ? Or what if one of the names gets replaced elsewhere in the book on accident.  Like if I Find and Replace Geri with Cora, I go from geriatric to coraatric.

But on the bright side, there are some characters, like the aforementioned Riley, that jump onto the page fully formed name and all.  And I just had another little burst of inspiration.  Not about the character themselves, but about their family, and where their slightly unusual name originated from.  Now I just need a story for them to get involved in!

One thought on “Character Names

  1. I *hate* naming characters too, bb. Okay, I love them once they’re named, but it’s the ~getting there~ part… I had a Laurel who became Marla. I really hate the name Marla, but it suits her. It’s who she needs to be, and Laurel WASN’T. But I was like SRSLY?! And the she surprised me again with how much she likes sandwiches. WHAT NEXT?! 😉

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