Today I went grocery shopping (after waiting out the evil hail) on an empty stomach.

I came home with so much good, amazing, frozen, pre-cooked, partially-real food that its amazing if I don’t starve to death in the next seven days. I have ALSO been a busy little beaver who’s been taking care of boring housework things.

Not much time for writing today, but I did take a little *peak* at the next chapter. And I looked over the 20,000 words I already have written on the Witch Eyes sequel – its a little emo, but interesting.

Today’s writing tip is boring. Don’t just take your inspiration from your genre. Read widely. See how different genres work, what the ins and outs are. You never know when you’ll need some CIA level inspiration in a book about witches, or when your vampire goes toe to toe with a serial killer in a procedural.

Okay, those examples are a little extreme. But seriously. Get inspiration from everything you read. Everything you watch, view, see, smell, listen to, etc.

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