The Hollow Releases!

I’m SO excited to see The Hollow by Jessica Verday finally on bookshelves.  Can’t wait to go out and pick up my copy, that’s for sure.

I had the opportunity to read an ARC of The Hollow (and even before that), and I’ve known Jess and her husband/official cheerleader Lee since before the book even sold.  I’ve even had the great pleasure to meet them for lunch at Red Robin (which was an amazing amount of fun).

The Hollow is the story of Abbey, recovering from the unexpected death of her best friend, Kristen.  Kristen’s death is the stepping stone into Abbey learning that her hometown of Sleepy Hollow still carries its measure of secrets.  And the arrival of the mysterious Caspian into her life brings the potential for a new romance, and draws her even deeper into The Hollow’s secrets.

Without spoiling anything, I adored the way the book ended, the last lines something that stuck with me for days afterwards.  Abbey’s story is one you really get to see up close – you understand not only what she’s going through, but you understand why.  Abbey is a living, breathing girl, and that’s something I adore when I’m reading.  Her choices in the book make sense, and you really feel for the girl.  At its core, this is YA this is romance with the sprinkling of paranormal, but not overwhelming.

So I’m SO happy to see this book finally on shelves, and I’m so happy for Jess and Lee.

You can pick up The Hollow (which you should check out just for it’s gorgeous cover) here

Jess’s website can be found here

And Lee’s Twitter account (where you can find out all the latest Hollow news) is here

One thought on “The Hollow Releases!

  1. JUST picked this book up ten minutes ago. Congrats Jessica! The cover is absolutely striking. It completely stood out of the rest of the new releases. Can’t wait to start reading it!

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