Just a Taste

It’s been a pretty strange week.  But now that things have settled down, I’m trying to get back into old routines.  Writing being one of them.

The current WIP, which I’m calling Spirit Games, is in this perpetual state of “almost there.”  Once I figure out what I’m doing with this beginning, I think I can finally start making some headway on the rest of it.  And then hopefully send it out to some of my betas and get feedback. At this point, I’d just be so happy to have a finished, workable draft.  This book has been a pain in the butt to write.  And I think it’s my perfect lesson for not writing by the seat of my pants again.  It may work for some people, and its worked out okay for me in the past, but this time it really just fell apart.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying something different with new ideas that pop into my head.  Inevitably, I’ll get stuck for a moment on what I’m working on, and then while I’m trying to wrap my head around the problem, suddenly this new and shiny idea pops up and begs me to work on it.  So I’ve come up with a simple solution.  If it’s a voice thing, like a character is just talking about something, I’ll sit down and write it for a bit.  Just to see where it goes.  Or if it’s a concept, like “what would happen if X happened during Y” then I play around with the ideas and see where it goes.  I’ll look for pictures that inspire the ideas I’m thinking of for the new work, think about music, research setting.  All very minor things that go into files for when I’m ready later.

At the moment, I’ve got two or three really solid ideas that I’d love to work on.  Except I can’t.  Because of the monster known as Spirit Games.  😉  So the sooner that’s out to Betas, the sooner I can start flipping through these other ideas and see which one wants to be worked on the most.

And in the meantime, I’m trying to figure out a way to hit up the SCWBI New York conference at the end of January.  Because of a lot of my friends are going, and I think it would be a good time.

2 thoughts on “Just a Taste

  1. I DO THIS TOO. I have a novel-length file of these little distraction-exercises, and none of them seems to want to become a whole book! 😛

    “I’m trying to figure out a way to hit up the SCWBI New York conference at the end of January. Because of a lot of my friends are going, and I think it would be a good time.” *nodding vigorously* Not sure if/how I’ll work it out yet, but *nodding vigorously*

  2. I had been a pantser and then I became an outliner and I think an pantsing outliner… don’t you just love how each novel demands to be written its own way? And sometimes when I say love, I mean “love.” Heh. Happy writing, bb! You will pwn this thing!

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