What I’m Up To

I keep meaning to work up a real blog post, but despite all the best intentions, I haven’t actually finished one just yet.  But at some point in the near future, I’ll do a whole post on Creating Your Own Fake Town.

And there will be pictures.  I can’t promise there will be spider monkeys, but there will definitely be pictures.

For the moment, I’m really just focusing on getting Spirit Games as close to done as I can.  I set myself a deadline of Halloween – but major changes to the first half of the book really have required a lot of work.  The last ten days alone have been spent on the same twenty percent of the whole thing.  The bright side, though, is that a lot of the issues I was having with the story (being too dense on backstory and confusing) have been alleviated in all the right ways.  The fact that I have my own personal cheerleader (hi Tiffany!) has helped tremendously.

This is, officially, the last time I write a book without a road map.  Had I had a road map, I probably wouldn’t have wasted so much time writing the WRONG stuff, and instead had a halfway decent, maybe not GREAT story.  Writing the WRONG stuff, though, requires quite a bit of work in rewriting, cleaning, polishing, taking apart, reassembling, repolishing, squinting, sighing, and grumbling.  Not necessarily in that order.

After that, my wish list is pretty simple.

  • Finish Witch Eyes sequel (almost one quarter complete)
  • Outline possible Spirit Games sequel
  • Witch Eyes edits (whenever they come in, they go to the top of the list)
  • Send Spirit Games out to betas and then to agent.
  • Deep breath.

I’ve been kindof smart, and whenever I’ve had an Idea for something that could have book-merit, I’ve taken the time to flesh it out enough that I can go back later, and have a good sense of where I was going with all that.  I have a confrontation scene on one project, and a whole outline/concept for another.  I’m not planning on working on anything new until after I get my wish list completed, but stranger things have happened.  Maybe I’ll just keep adding to the list.

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