Looking Back: the Agent Phone Call

Just a random collection of questions I wished I would have asked once upon a time.  In hindsight, I think they might have illuminated a lot about prospective agents.

1.  Are you pro-snow, or do you secretly make voodoo dolls for snow and torture them in your closet? I wouldn’t say I have a hatred of snow.  I don’t think that fairly covers exactly how I feel about snow.  I think the closest way to explain it is to pretend that Snow is equal parts Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow, I am Kevin Spacey, and the movie is Se7en.  “What’s in the box,” indeed!  I think it’s important to find someone who hates snow just as much as I do.

2.  What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Mine happens to be vanilla.  Any permutation of vanilla.  So you might think that the more wacky your choice for favorite ice cream flavor might work against you.  But this is a trick question.  There’s no WRONG flavor of ice cream – the only wrong answer is that you don’t like ice cream at all.  You could even be allergic to dairy, or be lactose intolerant, and that would make sense.  We all love things that hurt us.

3.  Are you a diehard fan of Buffy/Lady Gaga/any other pop culture reference I may throw your way? Because frankly, nothing improves my opinion of you than knowing you agree with me.  And being able to spend hours babbling on about how much better Buffy got when she got a haircut in season 6, or how awesome the new Gaga single is…well that can only be a match made in heaven.  Who cares if I haven’t finished the edits I promised, if I’ve almost finished my Halloween costume of <insert randomness here>.

Note:  this post is severely tongue in cheek.  Embrace the sarcasm.  My agent is awesome, and though we agree to disagree about our feelings on Snow, I’m still a fan.

What are some tongue in cheek, Not Serious questions you would have asked prospective agents?  Btw, avoid the “boxers or briefs” standard.  I know most of us are DYING to know, but seriously.  Some information you just can’t burn out of your brain.

4 thoughts on “Looking Back: the Agent Phone Call

  1. MY favorite flavor of ice cream is GIALLO! 😉

    I agree, these are IMPORTANT questions when interviewing agents. I mean, Gaga is like a make or break thing!

    When *I* get to this point with an agent, BB, I will be sure they pass the Scott Tracey questionnaire! AND I WILL BE SURE TO CALL AND TELL YOU HOW THAT GOES, OK? 😉

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