At least the bones are right?

I use the strangest comparisons when I try to explain why I think the revisions to Spirit Games are so intensive.  The other day, I said “well, all the bones are in the right place.  It’s like Frankenstein’s monster.  The bones are right, but all the meat and potatoes need to be replaced.”  I wasn’t sure if I was comparing myself to a mad scientist or a cannibal planning People Stew.

Essentially though, that’s where my problem’s lied.  I had to step back and reconsider how my the rules of my supernatural world worked, and how they’d impact the characters.  Oh, and there was the TEENSY detail of how I was setting up the wrong person to be the Big Bad.  I mean, it happens.

When I was drafting and revising, I got so caught up with the characters and how they’d react to certain stimuli, that I completely forgot about things like setting and plot.  So what if chapter 13 totally contradicts what I said in chapter 2.  I’ll fix it in revisions.  It’s great that I knew my characters inside and out (hint – the insides are squishy) but I forgot about how everything was working together.

I can pretty much guarantee that I won’t be doing that again.  Next book that’s not already outlined will spend some time in percolation, and I’ll really try and look it all over to see where the problems lie.  Because this has NOT been fun. 😉

In other news, a bunch of writers have sworn off Twitter for the week.  November 1st through the 7th.  And I didn’t realize how much I actually missed Twitter once I wasn’t tweeting all the time.  Its an easy distraction, a way to fill in time between things on the agenda, or as an escape once a certain amount of work’s gotten done.  So for a week I’m not going to have that, and we’re going to see how much work I get done.

Good luck to everyone else who’s going on the Twitter sabbatical this week!


2 thoughts on “At least the bones are right?

  1. That’s some fine bone structure you’ve got there!

    People Stew. *gigglefit* Good job persevering through this CrAzY revision process. I cannot wait to see the final product. (Or find out what happens after chapter 7!)

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