The Week Without Twitter

What I’ve learned in the week since I’ve been Twittering:

No matter how much of a distraction Twitter is or is not, if need be, I’ll find a substitute distraction with the quickness if I need to.  Case in point – I’m talking to you, Mr. Obsessive Urge to clean out drawers and boxes.  Or you, Miss “The Kitchen Floors need scrubbed by hand.”  Or even you, Father “OH!  There’s a Criminal Minds marathon on in two hours.  I should make a complicated dinner that will eat up most of that time so I can just sit down and watch TV.”

Not that I know any of those distractions personally.  Ever.  I’m VERY disciplined.  I–ooh, shiny.

Wait, what was I saying?  Oh right, distractions.  So I’ve realized that Twitter’s become only as much of a distraction as I let it become.  And despite having other distractions over the week (completely legitimate ones as well), I also got a helluva lot of work done.  So the end result is obviously: if you want to be distracted, you will be.

I’m almost done with another whole section of the book, which is pretty awesome considering it took all of October to get through the first one.  This section is the other ‘main’ POV in the story, and how he gets introduced to the wacky.  There’s still a few little things I need to work on, but I’m still not sure how I want to fix it exactly.  So I’m avoiding it!  Yay!

Be sure and check out Courtney Summers’ post on the Mean Girls phenomenon and what inspired Some Girls Are. I got to read an ARC of SGA and I loved it.  I expected to read one story, and the story I got was completely different, and I loved it.  I like getting the unexpected out of a book.  I can’t wait to see this book come out and rock everyone else’s socks off.

Oh, and Courtney?  This one’s for you:

And thanks to Leah for showing that to me in the first place.  I love the AOTS skits!


5 thoughts on “The Week Without Twitter

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  2. OMG I think that is my FAVORITE Twilight spoof EVAR!!!! ❤

    Things I learned from Twittercation (since I did not take one): I MISSED my -cationing friends. But I also didn't check in as much since SOME OF YOU weren't there! Hmph. GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK, BB! My distractionness is at your disposal. ~*~

  3. I AM SO GLAD TWITTERCATION IS OVER. Gawwdd I could barely talk about Lady Gaga in your absence. NEVAH LEAVE US AGAIN!!! But still. YAY! Go you for getting a helluva a lot of work done. I admire your discipline bb. If I ever do a twittercation I will come to you for advice. ~*~

    THANK YOU for the link up and all the ~*~ words about SGA. You rock MY socks off.

    AND LULZ I LOVE THAT TWILIGHT BIT. The only way it could be better is if they were killin a werewolf. *sigh*

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