A Medley of Random

You know what really grinds my gears?  When you’re at the grocery store, and you run into the laggers.  Y’know, those people behind a cart who take their time walking the aisles, or those REALLY annoying people who stop to talk to someone coming the other way – thereby blocking all aisle traffic.  My favorite yesterday was the person who kept stopping and staring around for his wife (who was one aisle over) and kept getting irritated when I kept needing to grab things that he was currently blocking.  Huff and puff all you want, but at least move out of the way.  Sheesh!

Thanksgiving is over, and this year was just as memorable as last year.  At last year’s dinner, one of my younger sisters was told to lead the prayer.  She decided to announce to everyone that if she was leading the prayer, then we were all praying to Satan.  This year, the OTHER younger sister decided to try picking a fight by announcing that she shouldn’t have to pray, since she wasn’t a Christian.

It was a nice, quiet meal, I can tell you that much.  With the occasional snicker from one of my uncles.

Onto book things.  Rewriting the ending to Spirit Games (finally).  I’ve got it outlined for the most part, which has made the writing pretty easy.  Except for the chapter which was totally outlined with all the things that needed to be said to tie up loose ends…and then I got done writing it to realize that I didn’t hit ANY of the salient points.  Oh yeah, that was a fun day.

Once I’m done with the ending, all I have is a few tweaks and changes that need to be made to tie everything back together again, and then the draft is DONE.  Its exciting because for a long time (August through part of October actually) I thought this was the Book that would not Die.

Its funny, because the end result is a completely different book than the one I started out writing.  One of my MCs was a total background character in the first draft, and another got killed off for good about halfway through.  And I think that those first couple of scenes I wrote (the original chapter 1 and 2) aren’t even in the book anymore.  In any form.

Its interesting to look back on how different this book has been to write than Witch Eyes was.  That one felt like it had been so much easier – when it was just as difficult just in different ways.  This time around though, I could put the book down and look away because I already had a book on submission, and I could go back to focusing on that.  Which is SO not a good idea.

Also, something completely unrelated that occurred to me the other night.  Someone on Twitter asked “What’s the one book I should read if I want to write a novel?”  Some people gave answers, but I didn’t say anything.  Because in my head, I was thinking “all of them.”  I guess because if you want to write a book, but you’re only willing to read one book, then you’re not really all that willing, are you?  If you want something, give a hundred percent.  Read every book you can get your hands on – whether its fiction, nonfiction, in your genre, or all about how to write.  There’s no one book that’s going to teach you everything you need to know, just like there’s no fast track to getting your book published.  Just read, research, and absorb as much as possible.



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