A Couple of Videos

Just a quick update to share two really cool videos.

The first is an Spanish promo for the final season of Lost.  It’s fan-made, has no new footage, but its still really awesome.  Chances are if you’re a Lost fan you’ve already seen this around the internet somewhere.

The second is more personal.  A writer friend sent me an email the other day mentioning my agent, and a book she thought was mine.  So I went and watched the video, and sure enough it was Colleen talking about the road to selling my book.  It was super sweet (and features a new Colleen client at the end, too!) and was a real ego-boost when I was avoiding my writing yesterday.  I consider Mondays my own personal day of rest, and I won’t write on Mondays (because they are evil) but yesterday was a panicked “must clean everything in sight” day for other reasons.  So seeing that video was so much fun.

Fast forward to about 3:40 if you want to hear the part with Colleen.  The other stories are just as interesting though!


2 thoughts on “A Couple of Videos

  1. I’m still waiting for you to have a day SO panicked that you come to PA and clean MY house…

    How awesome is that video? (The second one. Scottopher, I don’t watch LOST.) And how awesome are YOU! (<– this is not a question, b/c it's impossible to quantify).

  2. I really missed the boat on Lost, I gots to say. Either way, no matter how great the Lost video is? Still not as good as the one where Colleen’s talking about YOU!! That was SO cool. I love your success story. 🙂 Rock it, Scott.

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