Fairy Tales, Rebellion, & Some Teasing

I don’t know how it started*, but now I’m in a contest against one of my very favorite writers, Victoria Schwab (author of THE NEAR WITCH, coming out from Hyperion in Winter 2011).  Each of us has to write a dark fairy tale using certain prompts.  So for the next week, my focus is split on writing a short story involving ‘clocks’ and ‘a seaside town’ and having it done and ready next Wednesday.  And I accidentally kinda forgot all about it this weekend amidst everything else I had to do – now I’ve got only a day and a half to finish!  And I’ve only got about three hundred words!

* Actually, I challenged her to write me a fairy tale first, and then she challenged me back, and then things got out of hand and now it has a title and its being promoted like its the next UFC main event…

Then there is something I’m REALLY excited for.  I’m going to be a part of a vlog group, the YA Rebels, starting up in January all about YA writers – things we’re going through, peeking behind the curtain, that sort of thing.  We’re split up in several different stages of the process – some have books coming out in 2011, some of us are agented, and some are searching.  It’s a great mix of people (except somehow I’m the only boy).

Watch the teaser trailer below:

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