The Grimm Off

It’s time for the Grimm Off!

What is the Grimm Off? Well!

My friend and incredibly talented author, Victoria Schwab (whose book, THE NEAR WITCH debuts in 2011 with Hyperion), was stressing one night.  She was upset because she hadn’t written anything, so I told her to write me a fairy tale.  I even gave her a prompt to help her get started.  Of course this backfired and she expected ME to return the favor.  And then things spiraled out of control, we were having some sort of contest, my competitive streak got engaged, and then I started thinking of fairy tale inspired insults (all in good fun, of course) that I could use.

With a challenge.
And a voter’s prize.
All hosted by the wonderful Tye.

Both of our stories are posted over at:

the blog of the lovely Tye Cattenach

(You should all follow her anyway, as she’s lovely) and you simply go over there and have a read and vote! There’s even a treat for a voter.

Sounds like fun, yes?

Please go have a look if you get a chance. I can’t promise mine is any good and we’d both love your support!

Here’s a snippet from mine:

I had become possessed by the clock and its strange little brick house that had no doors or windows.  When the women in town talked about the clock’s house – if they spoke of it at all –  they called it “that place next to the church.”  When the adults spoke of it, in mixed company, it was called the grain house.  But only Grandfather and the other old men of town called it the Or Lodge.

“The horologe moved another minute last night,” one of the old men grunted.  The pipe smoke burned my nose, but I kept still.  “Jones saw it when he came out from the prayer circle.”

“Getting close to midnight,” my grandfather agreed.

(Note: Children were harmed in the telling of these stories)

Edited to add:  yes, I pretty much copied V’s homework.  Or blog post.  Whatever. 😉


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