Agent Appreciation Day

My agent is the type who – when she’s in the middle of a particularly tense scene – has TALKED TO the characters despite the fact that she was in public.  This is the anecdote that I think won me over in the beginning.

Colleen has been my agent for almost a year and a half now, she sold my first two novels to Flux a few months ago, and throughout all that time, she has never, ever wavered in her love and support for my book.  She’s been an advocate for me, she’s listened to me ramble on the phone (and done a bit of rambling on her own), and while I’m still learning how to leave her alone to do her job, she’s left me alone to do mine.

Agents get a bad rap from time to time, and my agent’s no exception.  However, she’s always got something positive to say to me, even when the news isn’t the best.  She refuses to give up, and I admire that.  As her client, she’s bent over backwards to keep me in the loop, she’s checked in with me multiple times to find out what I needed from her, and if I did need something, she’s provided it.  I’ve learned that I can approach her when I’m having a problem, and there’s always a resolution to be had.  Its hard to get out of that mindset that agents are not to be bothered, and to remember that the agent is there for you (assuming you’re a client and not a querier, then the rules are a little different).  and when I once had a panic attack while sketching out ideas for a sequel, she took time out of her Saturday morning to calm me down.

One of the best parts of having an agent that’s an admitted geek is incredibly helpful.  Firstly?  If I’m not a fan of a show she adores, she’ll convert me sooner or later.  She’ll explain exactly why the show is awesome until I cave and watch.  And then I’m inevitably hooked.  Although we disagree from time to time, its been pretty rare so far.  Second – when we discuss edits, and she references a certain character, she’ll understand what I mean when I describe someone as “part Starbuck pre-Anders mixed with a little Cordelia.”  She’ll totally get where I’m coming from, and she won’t bat an eyelash.

I think the fact that she likes to torture me a little bit is also a noteworthy trait.  Its never malicious, but its definitely something I’ve enjoyed when she drags something out on a phone call.  She LOVES the unexpected phone call (which immediately sets me into a panic) and then leaving me hanging for a minute or two.  In hindsight, its extremely funny.  My mother loves her for that very reason – it seems like she enjoys when people give me a hard time. 😉

Not to mention she found me an editor who suggested that he liked getting in touch with his clients via ouija board.  I still think that is possibly the greatest answer I’ve ever heard.  And its the kind of answer I totally resonate with.  Wouldn’t have happened without her.

So yeah, my agent’s pretty awesome.  Sadly, you can’t query her until after the first of the year.  But if you’re looking, you’d be lucky to have her.

**Note: This is part of Unofficial Official Agent Appreciation Day, a fabulous idea of Kody Keplinger’s. Because sometimes agents get a bad rap, we wanted to join together to surprise our agents with a little love. A list of participating blogs will be available here:**


4 thoughts on “Agent Appreciation Day

  1. Ahem! I did not talk to the characters so much as scream out loud “JUST KISS HIM ALREADY!” while in a public place.

    Just setting the record straight, pal. =)

    (And thank you for the very kind words!)

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