End of the Year Thoughts

It has been…a year.  Its totally cliche to say this has been a year of highs and lows, but it seriously has.  It’s been a year of reflection for me – realizing that what doesn’t kill me really DOES make me stronger.  And that things happen for a reason.  Its been a big year for balance for me – there were bad and good things that have happened, but all in all the good and the bad have equaled out.

Hmm.  I wonder how many cliched sayings I can fit into one blog post.

Without going into details, this was a year that my professional life took another step forward — my fantastic agent sold my first two novels — while my personal life kinda cracked apart.  I spent a good portion of the year writing, then rewriting, then rewriting some more, a novel that still needs some room to breathe before its considered ‘done.’  I wrote a good chunk of the intro to my contracted book two, and then set that aside while I was waiting for the book to sell.  And then just recently I picked up a new idea just to wriet “something” and found a whole lot of voice that I wasn’t expecting.

Truth be told, my life is nowhere near where I thought it would be at this time last year.  This time last year, I was still adjusting to living by myself again, struggling with the day job, fingers crossed about my novel, etc etc etc.  I lost some friends, and gained a whole lot of new ones.  Now my novels are sold, the day job is no more, and I’ve spent most of the last month getting closer to my family.

I did some goals for last year and posted them on my blog, but the only one I really managed to accomplish (I think) was to quit smoking.  Which I did back in March.

Total words written in 2009:  About 150K.

Total finished projects: *sigh*  0

New friends made: tons.

And then my writing goals for 2010:

  • Complete edits on WITCH EYES for editor Brian.
  • Finish draft of SPIRIT GAMES and send to agent.
  • Outline sequel to SPIRIT GAMES that’s already mostly written.
  • Send 50 page sample of MOONSET (current plaything) to agent.
  • Finish writing MOONSET.
  • Once edits are done, finish writing sequel to WITCH EYES.

So my goals for 2010 are basically to finish writing 3 books, all in various stages of completion.  I’m thinking I might do a monthly check-in or something, just to see how far I’ve gotten over the course of the year.

Right now at the end of the year, we’re looking at:


10615 / 80000 words. 13% done!

SPIRIT GAMES: (needs a new intro, and a new climax and ending)

59765 / 70000 words. 85% done!


22097 / 90000 words. 25% done!


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