Just One Question

Why are you reading this blog right now?  Why aren’t you out buying the FANTASTIC Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers?

Seriously, go check it out!  I’ve ordered my copy!  Click the picture to go to the Amazon page for SGA.

Warning:  Do NOT think that this is one of those books you can “just read a few chapters before bed.”  Won’t happen.  You will start reading, and then you will finish reading hours later.  Regina grabs you by the throat and shows you what high school can really be like.

And yes, the author’s a friend, but I totally adored this book anyway.  Courtney’s books have a tendency to sucker punch me to the gut.  Much more violent than the actual girl!

2 thoughts on “Just One Question

  1. SCOTT! You are awesome. Although I kind of feel bad because now I’m just picturing SGA literally leaping at you and giving you a sucker-punch right in the gut. I APOLOGIZE. But seriously this means a lot. There aren’t enough sparkles for you (I just typed that sprakles, I am so overwhelmed, no lie). ~*~*~*~

  2. I JUST finished this book and am about to write a glowing review for the blog this week. I mean HOLY SHIT. I really enjoyed Cracked Up To Be, but SGA completely blew me away. I finished it in a couple of hours. Just couldn’t put it down. So so so so well done.

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