A Photo Contest & Submissions Talk

I’ve been a bad blogger.  However, this is not entirely my fault.  Things have been crazy busy/annoying around here, and part of that involved taking a pretty significant step back from the computer for a little while.  So while I keep MEANING to blog, I always put it aside since I’m working on other things.

Down below you can check out my video from this week’s YA Rebels – the topic was the Submission Process.  Like I say in the video, I didn’t have any really fun stories (and I was surprised that some of the other rebels didn’t tell THEIR really interesting stories).  From start to finish, I think I was on submission for about fifteen months or so?  (I forgot to mention the exact figures in the video).  But that time also included a significant edit to the book and the time between signing with my agent and getting all the contract stuff done, her reviewing the book to see how many edits they’ll need (initially) etc.

Also, in the video I mention that there is a contest for authors – Vania from VLC Photo has occassionally done a mini-shoot for several different books, my most favorite having been one she did for Victoria Schwab for THE NEAR WITCH.  This new contest is to win a chance to have her do one for your novel as well.  The contest is opened to agented authors, or authors whose books have already sold.  So if that applies to you, and you’re intrigued, check it out.  I absolutely ADORE Vania’s work, and if you like photography or even just the occassional book-related shots, you should subscribe to her blog.  And be sure to tell her that I sent you! 🙂

And in other news, I’ve still been slaving away on MOONSET.  There were a couple weeks there where I needed to step back and kindof evaluate where the story was going, but the last few days I’ve been back in the saddle trying to finish a first draft.  You may notice that my target word count has increased.  That’s been kinda necessary. 😉


85303 / 100000 words. 85% done!


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