Edit Letter!

I got my first official edit letter for WITCH EYES yesterday.  Everyone please make note of the enthusiasm and optimism so that in a month you can all point and laugh and say “remember when you thought everything was perfect?”  Its really interesting to actually SEE someone break down my book into all its little pieces, and point out a few things that even I hadn’t noticed before (or if I noticed them, then I forgot it later on).

The best thing was that there was a comment in the marked up version of the manuscript that said “This is my favorite line in the whole book.”

And I…uhm…don’t even remember writing it.  It never once stood out to me in the entire process, never once thought about it as more than just a passing line. In any event, I have been very happily working all morning, and I’m about to get back to that, but I wanted to put it in writing that I am currently super excited, jazzed, and can’t wait to polish this book up to its best.

Anyway, in honor of edits I give you two of the very best Edit Letter videos on Youtube.  One by the hysterical Lara Zielin, and the other by our very own Leah Clifford from the YA Rebels.  Watch them both, they’re both fantastic!


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