New Blog Layout and Ideas Vlog

So I went ahead and switched up the layout of my blog. It was just one of those “I need a change” moments, and I’d already gotten a haircut, so the next obvious choice was to overhaul the blog. Which I…started to do. I rewrote the WITCH EYES summary on the “About My Books” tab up above, and its a little closer to something I like. I’ll be so happy when the book has cover copy, so I can just use that instead.

Also, this week on the YA Rebels we talked ideas, and where the inspiration for our current works came from. My video is a mess – that warning about adult language is serious, kiddos. Parental discretion advised. I cut out about 5 minutes of rambling though, since I figured no one wanted to watch that. It all started with the great “need good lighting” hunt of the early afternoon, which resulted in…well, just watch the video.

2 thoughts on “New Blog Layout and Ideas Vlog

  1. Please, please, please tell me that the Kelly Clarkson song that was playing was “Breakaway” (because what could be more appropriate for when you’re sitting in a closet).

    • It wasn’t! It’s actually “Behind these Hazel Eyes” – its on my WITCH EYES EDITS playlist. I mean its a song that talks about eyes, its like she wrote it just for me!

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