Happy Town Makes Me Sad

So tomorrow night, Happy Town will debut on ABC. And I’ll admit it, I’m already addicted. I haven’t even watched the show yet, and I can guarantee I’ll be watching it until either the conclusion, or the more likely cancellation.

If you haven’t heard, Happy Town is fairly formulaic. Small town, all the usual “locals” you’d come to expect. But this town has been dealing with a serial kidnapper/killer (I’m not exactly clear on which it is, or if both apply) called the “Magic Man.” Only its been a few years since anyone’s gone missing…until now. It sounds on paper like every cliche suspense TV show I’ve seen over the past ten years. And I don’t care.

Its the Twin Peaks curse. Granted, I was far too young to be allowed to watch Twin Peaks when it was on the air, but when they started showing it on the Chiller network, I got hooked. If you can promise me even a whiff of that Twin Peaks awesome, I’ll be in the front row. I don’t care how bad the story gets, I will stubbornly sit in front of the television week after week, hoping that a miracle will save the show. I stayed through the entire season of Harper’s Island, after all (although that show wasn’t so bad as much as the finale was crap).

I’m still waiting for them to remake Twin Peaks. (Stop cringing – you KNOW its going to happen sooner or later). It won’t be NEARLY as good as the Twin Peaks I remember, but I’ll still be there every week. And I’ll be unapologetic about it.

So what’s your guilty pleasure TV show?


6 thoughts on “Happy Town Makes Me Sad

    • Okay, but what is your FAVORITE Real Housewives? I think mine HAS to be Jersey. Although I actually haven’t been watching this season of NYC, so I’m actually behind on my Real Housewives talking points. *sniff* I tried the new 90210, but couldn’t get into it. My latest obsession is the 10 Things series on ABC Family. My sister made me watch the first season last week, and it was WAY better than I thought.

  1. Supernatural, or it was until they started in on all the angel and demon/ good versus bad trite. Before it centered on good old fashioned monster/ghoul fest. Happy Town sounds pretty cool. Did you happen to catch Harper’s Island on CBS last April? I think you have the gist of what I lke to watch. Mysterious, haunting, crime…(Hugs)Indigo

    • I liked Harper’s Island up until the end. I think they decided to pick a killer who’d be a perfect “you’ll never see it coming” choice, instead of making sure the whole series backs up the fact that the person could be the killer.

  2. Yes, Lisa already commented, but now it’s my turn. The other day a preview for Happy Town came on TV when my daughter was in the room–all creepy music and flashing scary scenes sure to cause some sort of epileptic episode. Anyways, the song was, “If You’re Happy and You Know It”–one of Lydia’s faves. She sat there watching the creepy flashes and clapping her little hands. I turned the channel, but not quick enough.

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