Slacking Blogger

About twenty minutes ago, I had an epiphany.  It wasn’t even one of those awesome, life changing epiphanies.  My epiphany went something like this:

Oh wow, its Thursday.  Wait….is it Thursday?  It can’t be Thursday.  If its Thursday, that means the week is almost over.  And there’s no way the week is almost over.  So it can’t be Thursday.  But it is.  The computer and the internet are telling me so.

Whoa. (Total Keanu Reeves moment)

So yes, I have been a slacking blogger.  I started writing two different blog posts earlier in the week, then never got around to finishing them, or setting them to post.  So now I’ve just got a boring blog.  But!  There are things to talk about.

Do the Write Thing for Nashville – Three writers have organized what has become an epic, epic auction for a ton of YA swag.  Dtwtfn is the brain child of Myra McIntire, Amanda Morgan, and Victoria Schwab, and it has a TON of auctions to roll out.  I’ve heard there’s more than 150 prizes.  From signed books, ARCs, query critiques from writers/agents/etc, etc etc etc.  I think the most awesome prize I’ve heard of so far is this one. Go donate if you can – Nashville and the surrounding area has suffered a lot due to the flooding.

I am still working on edits.  I’m actually nearing the end, but I took a break for a few days to get some space and regain perspective.

Also, the Rebels took a week off this week to figure out some changes we’re going to be making, so at the 11th hour Gretchen and I planned a little fun “sendoff” video.  Gretchen’s a blast because I approached her with this “omg, we should do a collab video” idea and she was all for it right off the bat.  I literally sent her a message at midnight Sunday night, we spent twenty minutes sketching out the idea, then I turned around and called Leah.  Reason #4,237,735 why Leah is my best friend.

Me: Hey, can you get killed by zombies tomorrow.
Leah: (Immediately) Sure, why not?

The idea started out that we were going to come up with these crazy, outlandish reasons why each of the Rebels was unable to film their videos.  Jen’s was my absolute favorite, because it came to me almost word for word as what you see in the video.  I filmed my half, sent it to Gretchen, who wrote her script around mine, and then we got Leah to film herself getting killed by zombies and there you have it…movie magic.

One thought on “Slacking Blogger

  1. Um, holy awesome on the Nashville Auction. Those ladies are forces of nature.

    And this video still makes me laugh. Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for this week.

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