To Do List Hell

So I’ve had a lot of things creep up in the last week that I really need to finish for a number of reasons.  There’s book stuff, there’s apartment (and general life stuff), and then upcoming June trip to Colorado that I have to get prepped for.  So I got the bright idea to write a To Do list.

This was a bad idea.

Let me run you through the process of what writing a To Do list is like for me.

  1. Start with all things that need to be done soon (i.e. you know there’s a deadline attached).
  2. Add in things that aren’t really To Do list material, but need to get done anyway.  (Such as Rebels vlogging, blog posts I still need to finish, etc).  Decide that a few small things that will be easily finished should be added.  Crossing things off your To Do list boosts your self-esteem.  Except ‘wake up’ and ‘shower’ should be on that list daily.  Just because they’re crossed off does not make them optional.
  3. Figure out that since the list is going to be so micromanaged anyway, I should just put EVERYTHING that I need to work into my routine at some point.
  4. Pause and look back at “simple” To Do list.
  5. Realize your To Do list has 33 items.  Proceed to cry.
  6. Add #34: get more tissues.
  7. With things like #34: get more tissues, big projects like #2: finish edits on WITCH EYES are suddenly so much more massive.  Decide that Big items should be split into much smaller projects, thus making them less difficult.  So 2: becomes 2A, 2B, 2C, and 2D…
  8. Realize that this system has just seriously complicated your To Do list and made it nearly unmanageable.
  9. Do not cry.  You still haven’t accomplished #34 and therefore don’t have the tissues you would need.
  10. Scrap the entire list and start all over.
  11. Repeat steps 2-10 as needed.

So end result: I have now scrapped my fantastical To Do list and replaced it with seven very big, very important jobs that I have to tackle in the next three weeks.  This does not include the suit I will need for the wedding in June, and all the other things that Leah and I still have to plan for all that.

To Do list stress has eaten my weekend, and now its Monday and I have plenty to do to keep me busy.  But #4 is still really big, and I think I could probably be a lot more effective if I broke it up into smaller pieces…

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