10 Things – We Hardly Knew Ye

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I was one of those people who openly scoffed at the idea of my beloved 10 Things I Hate About You being turned into a television show on ABC Family.

And then my sister made me sit down and watch the first season of the show on DVD with her.  Its hard to compare the tv show to the classic movie of a generation, and there’s no way Heath Ledger’s place can ever be taken, but its not like that, I swear.  It’s like the movie’s much younger, much funnier sibling has finally entered high school, and this is their story.  The movie was funny, but also serious and Shakespearean, but the tv show eschues all that for some much needed comedy.

We’ve still got Patrick and Kat (affectionally known around the school – and in our hearts – as Katrick), but one of my favorite changes between the movie and the show is Joey Donner.  If Brittany from Glee had a twin brother, its Joey Donner.  He’s the dumb blonde hot boy, and he’s so ridiculously over the top that its just funny.  Like last week where we had to watch him salivate over the cupcakes, and then trying to wrap them up in cellophane.

Mandella: That was awesome. It’s like your mouth knows kung-fu!

My only real criticism of the show is that at a half hour every week, we barely scratch the surface of the characters, and some of the humor that can be mined out of the situations.  Like the episode where all the characters had to spend the night at the high school, or when the school board enacted dress codes and limited student freedoms excessively.

Kat’s Dad: What’s a Pussycat doll?
: They’re multi-hyphenates. Strippers… who sing.

So I watch this show, and I get addicted, and I start tuning into the new season a few weeks behind (but with half hour episodes, its easy to catch up!), and a week later the show gets canceled.  Where’s the justice?  So if you don’t already watch the show, you should at least check out the last few episodes, because frankly they’re hysterical.  10 Things has some of that same ‘fun’ sensibility that Glee has, but without some of the head scratching motivations that you see on Glee.  (Like where is Quinn living since she broke up with Finn?  Wasn’t she living with him and his mother?)


4 thoughts on “10 Things – We Hardly Knew Ye

  1. You know how I feel about this decision. I was extremely unsure of this show at first. I mean, the movie is a freaking classic. But within a couple of episodes it had me laughing out loud. The dialogue is fantastic. It will be a mystery to me how shows like THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER thrive and this show gets axed. I blame middle americans and their complete lack of taste. Oh wait…I am a middle American. Crap.

    • My 18 year old sister is OBSESSED with Secret Life. She ALSO made me watch one of those episodes. This is a BIG part of the reason why I was so skeptical when she wanted me to watch an episode of 10 Things.

      I’ve stopped blaming others when good shows get canceled. I choose to blame myself. Because clearly, if I didn’t like the show it wouldn’t have been canceled. (Although I liked Buffy right from the beginning and it lasted 7 seasons).

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