“Your mom is fictional.”

Another week, another video for the Rebels.  This week we talked about villains – favorite villains, favorite villain lines, what makes a good villain, etc etc etc.

I had a pretty clear vision of what I was doing for this week.  It was simple.  Creepy intro.  Lots of talk about villains.  Skits with my supervillain alter-ego (who never DOES get named, although he is apparently the chief emissary for a very powerful, very evil demonic force outside our world).

Normally, when we shoot a vlog, you film for about 8-10 minutes, and come up with 2 minutes of usable footage (assuming you edit).  When I put my video together, I had 12 minutes of stuff I could use, and had to cut from there.  Which was sad.  One of the things we try to do with the Rebels is keep our videos short, under 4 minutes.  And my vid was exactly 4 minutes long (although Youtube swears its 4:01).  So I had to cut a whole bunch of stuff: discussion about all different kinds of villains, four or five different versions of the “villain laugh”, and some of the back and forth between me and my supervillain.  He’s such a punk.


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