Oh Lost (Subtitle: Waaaaaalt!)

Warning: there be spoilers here. Mr. Eko saved Lost for me.

No, really.

See, I watched the finale last night (AFTER I worked on my edits, in case my editor is reading this).  And I was prepared to hate it.  I HATED the BSG finale, after all.  HATED.  Seething amounts of hatred.  And since I’d given up on getting any REAL answers out of Lost, I was prepared for it to be over.  I just hoped the finale didn’t make me hate the series.

I watched it.  And I was conflicted.  Very conflicted.  The revelation about the sideways world (where it seemed like everyone ‘got it right’ or ‘got it closer’ I guess) really upset me.  But the stuff on the island?  Perfection.  I only lament that we didn’t get any scenes about the new Jacob and his new consigliere. I still think we should have gotten to see Aaron and Ji Yeon on the island, but I’m cool with that.  And what about Jack’s son?  It was like Locke told him he didn’t have a son, and David disappeared.

All said and done, this is the first season where I think I can really say I hated half the season.  The ending of the sideways…not really a fan.  The fact that the sideways world was some sort of pre-purgatory for them all to “come together again” before they moved on…it made everything that happened in the sideways world artificial.

I read something from the producers saying that they were finishing out the season covering the things that were important to the characters, and answering those most important questions.  We got answers to SOME of the mysteries of Lost, but none of it was…conducive to the story.  We had the Richard episode, the Jacob episode, but both of those had to really pull us out of the story to make their point.

I never expected Lost to answer ALL my questions.  But by pulling a “answering character’s questions” cop out, it really just strikes me as sloppy.  Why introduce all these mysteries if you don’t plan to give the fans a pay off?  Why build up things that never see resolution?  Like the Widmore/Ben fight, the “rules”, the statue, where the Others came from, why “Jacob” decided that Dharma had to die, etc etc etc.  I think they answered some of the questions well enough (I still don’t understand why people still question where the polar bears came from).

But my gripes with the sideways world, to bring this back to my initial point, ended when I thought about Mr. Eko.  Sure he died like 3 seasons ago.  But after the Smoke Monster killed Eko, at the end of the ep, we got a vision of him reunited with his little brother, walking off into the distance.  Much like the rest of the Losties went off into the sideways worlds at some point in the future.

So it does kindof seem like the writers and producers had SOME idea of what they’re doing.  I just really want to know what the point of the Others was all about.  What was the deal with Walt? And that creepy tattoo thing they gave Juliet that one time.  And what was with all the Egyptian?


6 thoughts on “Oh Lost (Subtitle: Waaaaaalt!)

  1. I had similar thoughts. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the ending of the show (I blogged about it, too), but that doesn’t take away from my love of the series as a whole.

    Three weeks till True Blood. 🙂

  2. The ending made me really angry, for precisely the reasons you named. After six years of watching, I’m having trouble “letting go” of the mysteries that made me watch in the first place in favor of getting behind some feel-goodie stuff. I like your bit about Eko, though; that’s nice. But as a big SF nerd who was watching it for SF nerd reasons and really wanted answers, I don’t know if there was any possible way for them to spin this ending without making me miserable.

    • Yeah, I think after the third or fourth episode of this season, I realized there wasn’t any way they were going to satisfy those questions they’d raised. There wasn’t going to be payoff like we wanted – I wonder if it just got too massive for even them.

  3. Oh, I totally agree about the kid stuff! Where the hell was Aaron and Ji Yeon and Desmond and Penny’s kid!?!? I mean HELLO, if they’re moving on don’t you want your freaking kids with you.

    And Walt…oh Walt. Doesn’t he rate in Jack’s life? Laura and I think they couldn’t show him in the church because he just celebrated his 40th birthday. His greying beard might have ruined the moment.

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