Its Napping Time!

This week’s theme for the YA Rebels was ‘a voiceover-slash-day in the life’.  So I showed you a little bit of what my morning routine is like.  You can check the video out below (and come on, I have to at least get more views than LEAH). 😉

I’m finishing up my edits this weekend, getting ready to start one last readthrough before I turn them in.  (Early, might I add).  There is nothing worse than getting to the almost-ending, realizing you have to rewrite this minor little scene because you have a MUCH better idea…and then it totally screws up your ending.

I am off to go sneak a few chapters of LIAR in today, so I’m ready for this medieval torture session (aka a YA book club) that Leah and I are going to in a couple of weeks.

One thought on “Its Napping Time!

  1. Ha! So you ARE coming to our book club? You are really in for it, my friend. Are you sure you’re prepared to meet the amazing Roecker sisters in person? I mean what if we’re bat shit crazy (we sort of are…) and we should probably warn you that we make a concerted effort to always talk in unison. Hope that doesn’t make you and Leah uncomfortable.

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