Teaser Tuesday

I’m cheating.  I don’t normally post Teaser Tuesdays, but I wanted something easy to post this week while I worked on other projects.  This is from a new project, one that I JUST started this weekend (aka after my edits were done). 🙂


Emory had spent the break in Mexico. Everyone I knew, even my best friend Nico, had left the city. Going away for break is just what you do when you go to school with billion-heirs. It’s a fact of life. But for the first time since the sixth grade, my facts had changed. I spent the ten days in isolation, avoiding my parents by never going home, and inventing complex scenarios that would never happen. Situations where I, Brennan Haulson, could reveal how desperately in love I was with Emory Price.

Whether we’re accidentally trapped in an elevator (the ones in her building are all red velvet plushness), accidentally locked out on the balcony, or forced into a two-person detention on the first day back, I have a scenario for every moment of every day.

Not that any of them had ended with her breathless but sincere, “I think I met my soul mate in Puerto Vallerta.”


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