Leprechauns Versus Vampires

Did you know that vampires versus werewolves was over?  I didn’t.  Apparently the new hot rivalry is vampires versus leprechauns.  I mean, it makes a certain amount of sense.  Vampires sparkle much like the pot of gold does, right?  Maybe the leprechauns are having performance anxiety on behalf of their gold, which isn’t as sparkly as it used to be.  Or maybe those vampires are height-ists, and have suppressed leprechaun rights for hundreds of years.  Or maybe, just maybe, there is something darker going on.  Maybe someone wants the vampires and the leprechauns at war so they’re both out of the way.

Or y’know, it’s just the topic of the Rebels this week.

So let me tell you a fun story about the round robin.  It was story telling week on the Rebels this week, and we chose the round robin format.  Monday starts the story, and Tuesday picks up where she left off, etc etc etc.  Lovely, right?


I watched Monday’s video, got sucked into Gretchen’s story.  And then Hannah made it gay.  Then Victoria brought some of her delicious words to the tale.  And then.


I can barely speak of it.

Thursday brought in Twilight.  And then Friday brought in Buffy.  So picture the setting.  Three leprechauns who seek war.  Edward and Bella, who’s already feasted on one of the little green buggers.  And Buffy.  All on a cliffside (presumably near Forks, I would suppose).  This is what I walked into on Saturday.

So enjoy, because I struggled with my part of the story.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a BLAST with this week – but they sure didn’t make it easy for me, did they?  And thanks to whoever suggested leprechauns versus vampires in the first place.  Please, send me your address, so I can send you loving gifts in the mail….promise. 🙂

Also, this had some of my favorite quotes I’ve written lately.  “She gave new meaning to the word Hellmouth.”  “His shirt was two sizes too small, his chest two sizes too big.”  “A lifetime of the blackest, wicked luck that can e’er be imagined.  Suffer, and know ye will rue the day ye interfered in our wee workings.”

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