The Week in Review

So I’m taking a cue from good buddy/arch-nemesis Lisa Roecker, and coming up with a list for my Friday post this week.  I mean, I already blogged every OTHER day this week, I figured I should probably hit all five days and just call it a win.

1.  Having the week off from filming a vlog is great. When you use it wisely.  It was our free week on the YA Rebels, so we didn’t have to vlog.  So instead I wound up blogging five times.  And now it’s Friday, and I’m wondering why I feel so exhausted.  Some of us aren’t used to writing five blog posts a week.

2.  Thank God, it’s Friday in Cleveland. My mother will be devastated this morning, as she’s a huge Cavs  fan, but I’m just glad the whole LeBron James debaucle is over.  I think anyone who knew anything had a good notion that he wasn’t going to stick around, but Cleveland went a little cray-cray (that’s crazy for the uninitiated) over it.

3.  The Rachel Zoe Project returns August 3rd. I die.  Seriously, I die.  This show is like Bravo’s personal love letter to me.  I love Rachel Zoe more than I love Supernatural or the Vampire Diaries (and that’s saying something).

4.  Joining YA groups is addictive. I’m the only boy in Team Sparkle (which is a group of my YA writer friends), the Rebels (where I vlog once a week and harass Gretchen in my videos), and now the Bookanistas!  And once again, I’m the only boy Bookanista.  Bookanisto?

5.  There is no number five. I just really wanted to make this a Friday 5, so now I’ve got all this space to fill.  Crap, what to write about.  Think, think, think.  (Just like Pooh!)  Hmm.  Ooh, I know!  Vocab time!

Your vocabulary word for the week: cray-cray.
Meaning: crazy (when telling an amusing anecdote).
Karsten Knight went a little cray-cray trying to get invited into WriteOnCon, when all he had to do was register.
Bad example: “Your honor, it’s not her fault she went a little cray-cray.  She was high on Peeps, red-eye machiattos, and powdered donuts – she didn’t know WHAT she was doing.”

4 thoughts on “The Week in Review

  1. Okay you had me up until Rachel Zoe –and that’s where we part ways. She is NOT more delicious than Stephan or Damon. UGHH cannot stand watching (and this coming from a former fashion stylist). Oh well, we can still be friends though 😉

    • OMG. Rachel Zoe is delicious in a whole new way. Her overdramatics, one-liners, total lack of grip on reality, awesome sunglasses, awesomely diva-licious co-workers, and her sometimes William Shatner-esque way of talking makes her iconic.

      Although she may NOT be more delicious on Damon. This requires MUCH deliberation. Hmm.

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