Tuesday Truths

1.  I love True Blood.  I think most people I know love True Blood.  And while I really loved this week’s little encounter with Lafayette and Jesus, I have to say I would kill for a couple of spinoffs.  The first – Talbot skips on over to Mississippi and shacks up with Queen Sophie-Anne to become the new Sex in the City.  They can drink A-pos-mopolitans (see what I did there?), bitch about men and fashion, and Jason Stackhouse can linger around in the background for no real reason other than our enjoyment.

And then the other would be a good drug dealer, bad vampire buddy cop pairing with Lafayette and Eric.  Come on, after their run in last week, doesn’t this seem like a genius idea in the making?

2.  Did you watch the Hills finale?  I didn’t, but for a couple of seasons there I watched with my roommate.  It took a lot for them to use the last scene to acknowledge the fakeness of the show.  Good for them.  And can we never see Spencer or Heidi on tv again?  Please?  I’ll take Bethenny from RH of NYC over them any day.  Actually, I’ll take Bethenny, Ramona, Vicki, and the crazy woman from the Apprentice (Omarosa, right?) on a show together, before I want to hear about Spencer or Heidi again.

3.  I finished HATE LIST by Jennifer Brown yesterday.  I could NOT get those characters out of my head.  So well done, I loved it.  And I’m super picky with the contemporary books I read and recommend.

4.  My sister and stepfather are now addicted to Supernatural.  I’ve been supplying them with the DVDs.  And I just realized that 3/4ths of this list were about TV this week.  It’s true, I have a TV addiction.  Bravo reality shows and anything supernatural.  Do they make a rehab for that?  Will Dr. Drew counsel me?

Could we televise it?


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Truths

  1. I’d pay to see a Lafayette/Eric Buddy comedy and seriously, can I get your buy-in on a remake of Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery with Speidi on the business end of the stoning?

    • Speidi in The Lottery is an INSPIRED casting. Or can’t we resurrect that old reality show: Murder in Small Town X, or whatever it was called? Speidi can be the special celebrity guest victims.

  2. The pairing of Queen Sophine Anne and Talbot is perfection! It would be hysterical:) You should write a TV pilot and pitch it to HBO!!!

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