Tuesday Truths

1.  Word wars are hard!  So the indomitable Leah Clifford are spending the week locked in furious, no-holds-barred combat.  The winner?  Whoever writes the most before Friday at midnight.  At stake?  Pride.

And right now she’s BEATING me.  I cannot tell you how annoying that is.  I may or may not have already trashed my apartment, rock star style, as a result.

2.  Cooking is hard work.  So I shared one of my fave recipes with my good friend Lisa the other night, since I was already planning on making it myself the next night.  I’d thawed the chicken, organized the ingredients, the whole nine yards.  What did I end up having for dinner?  Pizza.  Because cooking would have taken me away from writing for too long.

3.  I’ve been super picky with books lately.  I’ve put down 3 different books because they just didn’t grab me right from the start.  It makes me feel a little like an agent, almost.

4.  Sundays and Tuesdays are really the only time I watch television anymore, but EVERYTHING I watch is on those nights.  3 shows on Sundays and 4 on Tuesdays.  This is very annoying because it’s always “okay, which show do I watch first?  And if I watch this, what will I watch next.”  AND I have writing to do today, which is going to make it even more complicated!

5.  Once when I was in the third grade, we had to do this Christmastime art project.  Mine was a Christmas present, and I colored it in an orange box with purple ribbon.  Honestly, I just didn’t want to wait for the red and green markers to become available, so I picked what I could find.  My teacher yelled at me and made me feel bad, but you know what?  My mom STILL has that picture.  Even in third grade, I followed the beat of my own drummer.

Happy Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Truths

  1. #2. I’ve been eating so much takeout because I don’t have the time or the energy to cook.

    #5. Okay that totally reminded me of Flowers are Red–this Harry Chapin song that my parents kept making me listen to when I was a kid.

  2. Sorry about #5. My 4th grade teacher was a d*ck and tried to squash my creative spirit. It worked for a while, but not permanently – thank goodness. Glad you were still able to beat to your own drum!

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