Monday Randomosity

This week on the Rebels, we talked about story structure.  Basically, the kinds of things you do to frame your story and give you some sort of…well, structure to build up from.  I love this topic, and all the stuff that goes into thinking about where to set your book, when to set your book, how long a time frame the book will occur over, and other choices by the author.

So there’s a bunch of rambling in my video, because I spent most of the weekend locked in a room, Misery-style, working frantically on revisions to this project.  So I was a little wired. 😉


One thought on “Monday Randomosity

  1. Oh my word, that was hilarious. “Underintelligent” is my word for the day. Loved that you admitted you really didn’t have a point at the end…but for the record, you sounded totally smart. I thought the rose trellis analogy was brilliant. And I was all over your comments on setting. It’s practically it’s own character, isn’t it? And a significant aspect of foundation.

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