Talking about First Lines

So this week, the YA Rebels talked all about opening lines.  One of the hard parts of doing a weekly vlog is the fact that I can usually fill up about 15 minutes on the topic before I finally stop talking.  And our videos have to be under 4 minutes.  This is an 11 minute deficit, people!

In my mind, there are a lot of different jobs that a first line can fill.  It can be thematic and tell you exactly what the book you’re reading is going to be about.  It can punch you in the face with something you’re not expecting, thereby hooking you for the journey.  It can be a slow burn – a first line leading to a second leading to a third, all of which draws you in.   But whatever it is, I think a first line should be memorable.  I like first lines that make someone stop, and turn to their friend to read the line out loud.


3 thoughts on “Talking about First Lines

  1. It’s strange: I rarely think of or recall first lines. When watching the posts this week, I kept trying to think of my favorite opening lines and the sad thing is that I can only the opening line of one of my books. One book out of hundreds that are strewed around in my apartment.

  2. Many first lines are forgettable, but when I come across a great one I think, “I’m going to love this book.” Of course I might be wrong and the novel may lose steam after that.

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