Speaking Loudly

Okay, so I didn’t vlog this weekend because I’m a big slacker, so there’s no video recap for you.  Instead, I want to point you to the Twitter hashtag #SpeakLoudly.

Laurie Halse Anderson wrote Speak, which is probably one of the top 5 books I would recommend to ANYONE who wants to read or write YA.  Or just anyone who wants a good book.  I absolutely love this book, and I’ve read and reread it a dozen times.  It’s powerful, it’s strong, and it’s honest.

As she points out in her blog, it’s once again September, which means we’re back in that time of year where book bannings become a hot topic.  Especially when one of the people suggesting the book be banned equates rape with soft pornography, almost like the act of rape is somehow sexually stimulating.

I don’t have the personal connection that some or most people talking about the topic have.  I’m not a Christian, and haven’t been for more than half my life.  I’m not a girl.  I’m not a rape victim, nor do I have anyone close to me that’s been raped.  But none of that matters.  Because the fact of the matter is that in whatever form it comes from, truth is important.  And it’s important that you speak up when people try to suppress truth.

Like most authors, I’m completely against widespread bannings for the sake of banning.  If you don’t want your child to read a book, fine.  But no one person has the right or obligation to tell others what they can or can’t read.  Especially not when they completely misrepresent a book like Speak into being something that it isn’t, just for the sake of creating scandal and stirring up hate.

There have been a TON of fantastic, worthwhile blog posts on the topic this weekend.  I don’t even know where to begin to tell you which ones to read.  Obviously, start with Anderson’s original post – in the comments section of her post, others have linked to THEIR posts.  And then there is Veronica Roth’s take, or the always amazing Myra McEntire’s.

Let the authors know how you feel.  Tweet about how you’re feeling, and what you think.  Retweet their blog posts, or post a blog of your own to link to theirs.  Use the #speakloudly hashtag.  Maybe go out and buy another copy of Speak (I’m ordering another copy right now).  But whatever you do, speak loudly!


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