Monday Morning Survival Skills

It’s Day 3.  An early morning sighting of The Beast nearly led to confrontation, but luckily TB was more interested in going somewhere else at the time.  I went back to sleep, and dreamt of hotels where the staff was totally rude.  Water running low.  Survival questioned.

Surviving Mondays is important.  Since I’m currently house sitting for my parents, it’s even more so.  The normal Monday tricks won’t work: pretending it’s really Wednesday (both my collegiate sisters have serious Monday-schedules that keep me grounded in Monday-ness), marathons of Veronica Mars (didn’t bring my DVDs with me), drinking until it’s Tuesday, (actually, my mom DOES have a pretty kick ass wine rack…) or manic cleaning sprees.  (Have I mentioned that I get my need for manic cleaning sprees from my mother?  Well, I do.  And as a result her house is…not in need of a manic cleaning spree).

So how will I ever cope, you ask?  Well, Mommy has one thing that I don’t.  Cable.  And for the next hour, there’s a Degrassi marathon on one of the really high up channels.  I just hope it’s one of the old ones with Paige, Ellie, Marco, etc.  Also, fun story but I once saw someone on Twitter (I can’t remember who) waxing on about how nostalgic Degrassi made them for their childhood.

No, not the old show from the 80s.  The Next Generation (and that always makes me think of Star Trek but anyways).  Then I remembered that TNG has been on since 2001, and kids graduating from high school today HAVE been watching the show since they were 8 or 9.


So anyway, I’m supposed to be working and I should probably start doing that.  Maybe tomorrow’s post will be more interesting.  Actually, I think it will, because I might actually have a topic.  Woot.


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