Monday Mentals

I somehow managed to survive eight treacherous days housesitting for my parents.  Although I didn’t manage to get very much down on the business end of things – that’s what the weekend was for: I knocked out three major projects I’d been meaning to wrap up all month.

Now that Adventures in Housesitting is over (trust me, it was exactly like Adventures in Babysitting but it involved more deer and vampires), the next big project is The Move.  Which I will now be spending the next several days working on.  Yayfuneyerollwoo.

I also realized I’ve got about 3 months left to finish all those nifty 2010 goals I set for myself.  One of which was finishing /2/ more books by the end of the year (I would have been much closer on this front if Big Things hadn’t interfered earlier in the year).  So I think I’m going to settle for the fact that The Sequel will be done before the end of the year, and I’ll get a head start on finishing Other new project, but probably won’t finish until sometime later.

Oooh.  Music.  I heard this song on a commercial for something, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since.  It’s a cover of an older song, but I love the sound of it.  This week has been all about this song, some old school Linkin Park, and the new The Birthday Massacre album (which you should totally listen to if you miss synthesizers in music).

And this week on the Rebels, we talked about what we would do if we weren’t writing.  I would want to talk about crazy people for a living, instead of writing about them.  Also, I’ve already written my autobiography, so if I ever have to write ANOTHER, I’m going to have to call it Scott: the Sequel.  Fun, yes?

4 thoughts on “Monday Mentals

  1. Hahaha! I thought you were about to say you’d be serving…time. 😛

    I love that you wrote your autobiography. I recently came across one I wrote when I was little, with my curly handwriting and so.much.drama.

    P.S. Scott: The Sequel has a nice ring to it, but… I hope that you title your adult biography: Mrs. Tracy Says.

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