Tuesday Truth: I’m an Ostrich

I’m an ostrich.

Not a literal one, obviously.  That’s a whole other set of diagnoses that we’d have to start dealing with.

No, I’m an ostrich in the sense that when I’m busy procrastinating, and people start to pressure me about things I know I should have already taken care of, I balk and shove my head in the sand.  It’s like the opposite of a kick in the kiester.  (btw, kiester is your word of the day – I expect you all to use kiester at least once over the course of your day).

I don’t know why this is.  But it’s never IMPORTANT things that I procrastinate on.  Like if I’m on deadline, I try to send things in EARLY as opposed to LATE.  But when it comes to things like dropping off the rent check, doing those dishes that I left here three days ago, mailing a check with the post-it reminder…I procrastinate.  And then eventually something snaps in my brain, and I take care of everything outstanding all at once.

Does anyone else do this?  Or am I the only one with motivation issues, and ostrich-sympathies?

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth: I’m an Ostrich

  1. I do the same thing! I’m awful at it too. There will be a whole laundry list of things that need done and I’ll just let it sit for weeks. Then it’ll be 10pm on a Sunday night and suddenly everything on the list will have to be finished that night.

  2. I’m kinda like that, but it’s not that I procrastinate. I just forget. I always remember to do something when I’m not around to actually DO it so then by the time I’m actually home and can do it, it’s already forgotten until like 10 minutes after going to bed.

    Like last night, I remember telling my roommate that I needed to get her rent check so I can send it out in the next day or two so that it’s in my account when I drop off the rent check this weekend. But we were in the car. And she was driving. So not the best time for that reminder because by the time we got home, we’d forgotten. Then I remembered today at work, lol. We go through this every month.

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