Monday Randoms

  • Random fact you never wondered about me:  I have a ton of shit on my walls.  I found this out while in the midst of pre-moving.  There’s lots of “taking things down from the walls” and “packing the non-essentials.”  All for that great big move by the end of the month.
  • That also means that my blogging might be more sporadic than it already is.  Although part of THAT blame can be laid at only one place:  Laura Roecker. First off, let’s be honest.  If you’re reading my blog, you’re probably already reading the FAR more entertaining Roecker sisters blog.  Now Lisa’s the one who always pushes me to blog more often, to take some of the random ideas I have and turn them into blog posts.  But since she just had a baby, Lisa’s been in lockdown.  And that means no way for her to harass me to blog.  So you should probably go to their blog and petition Laura to let Lisa go on Skype.  #letlisaskype Right?  Such a good idea.  (This can’t possibly blow up in my face at a later date).
  • Okay, so you remember the Babysitter Club books from when you were a kid?  Yeah, me too.  Well, Courtney Summers was the one who pointed this out to me.  It’s a Tumblr meme/blog and it’s called Incredulous Kristy.  Honestly, you just have to see it to understand.  Keep in mind this is a grownup blog, so there’s some language that Kristy and the others wouldn’t have actually used in any of the books.

But every time new ones get posted, I die.  Quite similarly to the way I die for Rachel Zoe.  (Please tell me the show’s not cancelled just because Brad quit RZ, Inc?  I will die without Rachel in my life.)

  • I have eaten out at so many places in the last week, I think I’m going to be sick just thinking about it.  And even worse, when I went home from Sunday night dinner with my family (which was at The Cheesecake Factory, fitting in with my week), they sent me home with THEIR Chinese leftovers, because apparently they’re now allergic to leftovers.
  • I am dying to go see My Soul to Take this week.  I don’t care if the critics, and the general public all hate it.  It’s a Wes Craven horror movie.  It features teenagers.  And some parts of it look creepy as hell.  I don’t care if it’s terrible.  I will love every minute.  Is anyone else like this?  You know a movie’s going to be bad, but you love it anyway?



4 thoughts on “Monday Randoms

  1. So could I just take over and harass you to blog until Laura can do it again? LOL.

    I ate out twice last week, I think. My roommate and I are trying our best to not go out so much because we need to save money, but it can be hard because sometimes you just really don’t feel like cooking. Or something comes up that keeps you from getting home until late. Hopefully this week will be better, though I will be going out this weekend possibly with an author (Julie Kagawa) and some bloggers to this pizza place. I say possibly because my plans may change and I might instead have Guy I Like make me dinner. It just depends on if he has that night off.

    Also, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! 🙂 Your interview should be up Thursday morning. So excited for all the posts this week!

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