Tuesday Truth: The Packing Edition

Given the choice between save it/clean it/use it, and throw it away, I pick “throw it away” every time.  I’ve been ransacking my closets, cleaning out underneath my bed, and even going through my bookshelves, and I’m throwing away WAY more than I think even I expected.

Do you do this?  Decide that instead of going through the trouble to save something, clean it off, pack it up, transport it to the new place, unpack it, reclean it, then find a spot for it in your new life..that sometimes it’s just easier to toss that thing in the garbage and go back to watching old episodes of Buffy?

Because I certainly do.  (Well, except for the old episodes of Buffy).  That old Super Nintendo that has completely yellowed with age?  Gone.  All those books I got in high school that I will most assuredly never read again (because they were so bad)?  Gone.  The old computers (and old monitors) that I save, even though most of them don’t work, but they MIGHT someday?  Gone.  Clothes I haven’t worn in 5 years?  Bye bye.

I may be a packrat, but when it comes to packing, I say throw it all away and start fresh.  Plus, now my closet has way more room for new stuff!


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth: The Packing Edition

  1. lol I do the same thing 🙂 When it comes to moving, I have become an expert at chucking all my “treasures.” Clothes, toys, shoes, papers, knick knacks, everything. My books I don’t usually get rid of simply because I’ve already pared my collection down to the ones I really will never get rid of, but everything else…yeah….gone 🙂

  2. I have to confess to being a lazy packrat. So, with my last move I just packed everything up, and since then it has been sitting in a storage unit. Only now am I actually starting to go through and throw things out. It would definitely have been easier to throw them out before packing everything up. Good luck with the packing/throwing out.

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