Talent, Plus Fear = $300.

Confession: when you have to pay to use the washer/dryer, you do laundry more infrequently.  That is still a habit I haven’t escaped from since moving in here.  Oy.

I’m busy working on The Sequel, now that everything is unpacked and all.  Of course, I’m writing this at 8 in the morning, which was for some reason an hour after I woke up this morning.  Seriously.  There’s something wrong with a universe that has an 8 in the morning. 😉

On the Faerie Drink Review this week, Devyn Burton is doing his own spin on the It Gets Better project, and has a lot of guest bloggers participating.  I was one of them, and you can read my post here.  Do me a favor and read through some of the entries, and leave those bloggers a comment with your support.

And sort of relating to that topic, I was very excited for last night’s episode of Glee.  First we got to see Kurt interacting with a Real Live Gay, and then there was a whole bullying/being hurtful subplot going on.  Which was great, I’m glad to see Glee covering the topic of bullying, even obliquely.  But I liked the “twist” better when it was on Buffy.  Plus, it reinforces the stereotype that homophobes are all closet cases.  Sometimes, people just suck. That’s all there is to it.  😉

Also, where the hell is Quinn?  She’s my fave.  And why are we regressing to the mean spirited Quinn of last season?

And it kinda bugs that everyone else got a nice resolution to their storyline, except Kurt, who still deals with bullying as the status quo.  And I know the episode was written prior to the rise in bullying issues we’ve been seeing this year, but the ending still felt a little hollow.


2 thoughts on “Talent, Plus Fear = $300.

  1. Yeah. I have some mixed feelings about that ep. But one thing is for sure, most of those boy school guys should take some dance lessons. Did you see the kid dancing to Kurt’s right. It was just plain embarrassing.

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