Vlogging Monday

This week on the Rebels, we tackled the 7 Deadly Sins of writers.  Gretchen took Lust (obviously), Leah took Pride (and used the video to hold a Pride contest), and I was the lucky recipient of Greed.  So check out my video, which is all about how writers can find themselves succumbing to Greed:

6 thoughts on “Vlogging Monday

  1. Except not with Kevin Spacey…hahahaha! Awesome.

    And dude, you went there! I totally see YA as high school. I started a post on this and scrapped it, because I’m a chicken. But there you go. You rock, Mr. Say-Anything-and-Steal-Your-Writing-Partner’s-Book.

    Am I hanging on to you? OMG, I am. I AM! Ahhhhhhhh!!!! I’m a hanger-on!!! Excuse me while I go flog myself with Kevin Spacey. He’s a friend of mine, you know.

    • I think every time I use the expression “pay it forward” I’m legally required to make some sort of Kevin Spacey dig. I don’t know why. It just happens.

      Haha. Maybe that should be punishment for hangers-on. They have to sit through Kevin Spacey marathons.

  2. ohmygoodness! leah didn’t give you an arc! ohman! you entered her contest though, right? 🙂
    and it is really weird how the high school stuff keeps going on… maybe what we think of as “high school stuff” is really just people stuff? hmmm… brain trying to kick on… hurts… need more coffee…

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