When You Assume…

I love assumptions in writing.  Mostly because I love the way assumptions shatter when you have some sort of Major Revelation.  And then you wonder how you ever saw things any other way.

In the first book I wrote, I wound up scrapping about 20K words of the ending.  Something was off.  So I went back, added in some missing pieces, and started over.  And then in the middle of a scene, a character laid out the final piece of their nefarious scheme, and it was like watching someone tug at a giant knot, and having the whole thing unravel into something amazing and perfectly organized.  That moment of illumination, that I wouldn’t have had otherwise, became one of my crowning moments of the book.  Because it was perfect.  (Incidentally, the entire conversation that happens is almost word for word identical in the final copy as it was in the first draft, that’s how perfect it was).

See, we’re taught by the Bad News Bears (and others) that when you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.  However, I think in writing that assumptions are a great thing.  Because that moment of genius that comes later on, when your expectations are challenged and things are suddenly shiny and new.

What about you?  Do you have moments like that?  Moments where suddenly things fall into place in a completely unexpected way?


3 thoughts on “When You Assume…

  1. Oh yes, I have moments like that. They go something like this…

    This is the most brilliant idea ever.
    Why didn’t I think of this before?
    I am such a wannabe know-it-all who doesn’t know shit from crap.
    What made me think I could ever do this story any justice?
    Shut up, this new idea might work.
    I should try.
    But I don’t really know what I’m doing.
    What the hell, here goes.

    Hehe. I’m not really a genius. But sometimes these moments make me feel like one. Let me have my moment.

  2. I adore those moments. I’m experiencing them lately as I’m knee-deep in two wips. Even though I outline, I still get stuck or end up with lackluster scenes. These ah-ha times save the manuscript and add wonderful twists.

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