A ‘So Roecker’ Mystery

Okay, so first you need to read this, a post that Lisa and Laura Roecker did on their blog on Friday.  Leah and I had the ever-fabulous Victoria Schwab come to visit for a few days, and the shenanigans we got into were kinda epic.  Mostly, it was a chance for us to create a real life mystery for the fantastic Roeckers to try to solve, hence the ‘So Roecker’ designation.  (Tangent, but wouldn’t a Lisa and Laura mystery show, a la Scooby Doo, be amazing?  I’m telling you.  ‘So Roecker’.  Get on it, ABC Family.).

Now you need to know that Victoria already came to visit us once – that visit was SUPER spur of the moment.  So when we couldn’t meet up with Lisa and Laura, we were all bummed but it was understandable.  This time, however, we had to make a meet up happen.  And since Lisa and Laura are a part of the amazing Cleveland YA book club, it was the perfect time for Victoria to visit, come to a book club meeting, and shmooze with everyone.

Until the Roeckers bailed on us, just a few days before Victoria’s visit.  Our plan in crisis, Leah wisely arranged a secondary meetup, for the next day, but we refused to name names.

We even went so far as to stage tweets.  The fab Myra McIntire and Victoria collabed on their fake plans for coffee, despite the fact that Victoria was actually in Ohio.  We even got a few of the Rebels in on it, with Karsten tweeting about luggage and Gretchen tweeting about the freezing weather.

We went all out.  We even lied about the timeframe when we were picking up our mystery guest specifically so that Victoria could be tweeting while Leah and I were ‘in the car driving’.

End result?  Epic dinner party, pizza, and lots and lots of great conversation.  And the Roeckers?  Despite all their investigations and intimidations, were clueless when the time came.  And I’m sure there’s going to be a ‘So Roecker’ Mystery follow up on Monday on their blog (especially since they were the only ones wise enough to bring a camera and get photographic evidence), so be sure to go check that out.

So thanks to everyone who helped keep the secret, who helped lay a false trail, and who generally egged on Lisa and Laura during the process.

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