The WITCH EYES Cover Reveal

Normally, having a birthday near Christmas sucks terribly.  But THIS year, I got the best present ever.  I get to reveal my cover.

So this is the moment that all of…well, me, have been waiting for! My response to the cover was pretty much, “YES.  YES YES YES.”  And then a few minutes later, “Oh, I see what you did there.”  Flux did an AMAZING job – it’s everything I could have asked for in a cover and more.

Look right there.  That’s my name!

Tell me what you think?  Don’t you love it?


96 thoughts on “The WITCH EYES Cover Reveal

  1. I literally just rolled out of bed, turned on the computer, and yours was the first link I saw on twitter, bringing me here.
    Awesome way to start the day. Seriously cannot wait to read the book. 😀

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  3. Love the lightning-eye. You can see the storm brewing . . . .

    (Hi! I’ve been following the blog for a bit now, but this is the first time I’ve commented. Congratulations on the excellent cover and happy birthday, too!)

  4. Happy birthday Scott! And what a birthday present. I love the cover for Witch Eyes. The eyes, the font, the colors, and the mansion at the moment – they all lend to this spectacularly creepy, but intriguing cover. I can’t wait for the book to be released.

    Do you have any idea when the release date is yet?

  5. *shakes fist at blog* Why did you eat my comment? Scott is going to question my commitment to sparkle motion!

    *stares at precious cover* I love it! Especially the tint on the house and the house itself. It’s very Haunting of Hill House.

  6. Happy birthday to you! Your cover rocks and so do you!!!!! Just so you know, I specifically waited until the very last minute so I could be THE LAST person to wish you happy birthday.

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog before, Scott, but I’ve been waiting for ages to see what the cover of Witch Eyes looks like, so I wanted to chime in and say that I think it’s great. Really startling, and different to much of what is out there on the shelves at the moment. And I think it will definitely appeal to boys, which is a rare quality in YA urban fantasy right now. Congratulations!

    Also: Happy belated birthday.

  8. Holy Toledo batman that seriously rocks my socks off!!! I know nothing of the book, thanks to the fabulous Lisa & Laura apology on their blog today I was made aware of this amazing cover. Now I must go and add to goodreads and pre-order (if it’s even available yet) because by the cover alone I want to tweet about it!

  9. A belated Happy B Day, Scott (via Laura and Lisa who are extremely apologetic, lol!)

    And. That. Cover! I can see myself holding it up to a library teen or two and saying “Perhaps THIS would interest you?” Mad scramble ensues. Fortunately I work at a book store, too…congrats! You’re right, they did an amazing job.

  10. Gorgeous cover. Coming over from LiLa’s blog to add my congrats. Two of my sons have December birthdays, so I get your point about the suckishness of that. Also, my first novel comes out from Viking next year and I can only imagine the thrill of having your publisher produce a cover that cool. HAPPY HOLIDAYS (and happy birthday)!

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